What most people ask….

How quickly can my case begin if I hire your company?

We pride ourselves on being able to begin your case immediately.

If I hire your company am I being represented by an attorney?

No, our company was created so that you could save the significant expense of hiring a lawyer. Our company’s founder retired from his family law firm and began this company to meet a need most people have when getting divorced. The reality is people do quite well presenting their story to the court, better than most lawyers who lack the passion needed in court, because their life is not on the line… your’s is. What people do poorly is complete the pile of paperwork required in a divorce, which drastically effects the outcome of a case and sadly the length of time necessary to finish a divorce.

What then does your company offer?

We complete the divorce paperwork for you so that you can focus on presenting your story, your case to the judge in court. Because of our 30 plus years experience, the court accepts paperwork we prepare the first time it is submitted, which in contrast to those without experience, is a huge advantage.

Is that all you offer?

No, we go well beyond any expectations our customers convey. For example, we offer at no extra charge, tracking of your case calendar and we implement reminders for you when an event is approaching. We are available by email, phone and text. We keep digital copies of your paperwork, which means we are your secondary filing cabinet. Our extensive connections assist with all facets of your case, from simple messenger services to attorney referrals.

Do I need an attorney for my case?

No, not usually. Most divorce cases are effectively handled between the judge and the individuals involved in the case (the parties to the case). Exceptions do exist, and for those instances we refer our customers to one or more local attorneys known to us.

Can’t I just do all of this myself?

Absolutely. But, you will spend all of your time and energy learning to navigate the paperwork and the system. The price we charge is well worth the stress and exhaustion you will encounter trying to do this yourself.

I see other companies that charge $150. Why do you charge more?

Be very careful. The others you are referring to only offer to complete the “initial” case paperwork for their advertised price. The rest of the extensive divorce paperwork is not included in their advertised price. With our company, the necessary paperwork from start to finish is included. Please refer to our “What’s Included” page for a more detailed list. Our customer agreement contains the same list, so you will be assured that no hidden costs exist.

Is there any paperwork that is not included?

Yes, we exclude from our included items any unusual or extraordinary assignments. We will discuss these items if they come up, which is not often, and provide what you need to resolve them.

How long does the divorce process last?

Each case is different. Cases where each person agrees to a settlement last a very short time. Cases requiring intervention such as mediation, a settlement conference or a trial last much longer. We are here for you no matter how long the case lasts.

If I begin the case using your company, can I switch to having a lawyer represent me later?

Yes, you can hire an attorney any time you believe it is necessary.

What do I do if my question is not on this list?

Please Contact Us!