Terms & Conditions

Terms / Conditions / Customer Agreement

Complete divorce packages:

$499 (no children, assets or debts)

$699 (either children, assets or debts)

$799 (children and assets / debts $699)

Divorce Simplified – “Divorce My Way” will prepare the paperwork described below, which is necessary for the customer to initiate and complete his / her divorce. The paperwork will be provided to the customer electronically as a “PDF” file or another format as reasonably requested by the customer.

Complete Divorce Package Includes:

Step 1: Initial Case Pleadings (includes initial custody and support request):

  • Summons;
  • Petition;
  • Venue Declaration:
  • UCCJEA Declaration;
  • Request For Order and any necessary attachment forms; and
  • Income and Expense Declaration

Step 2: Mandatory Disclosures:

  • Declaration of Assets and Debts
  • Declaration of Income and Expenses
  • Disclosure Cover Sheet and Proof of Service

Step 3: Mediation or Settlement Conference:

  • Settlement Conference or Mediation Brief
  • Settlement Agreement and Judgement After Settlement

Step 4: Mandatory Final Disclosures:

Final Declaration of Assets and Debts

Final Declaration of Income and Expenses

Step 5: Trial Pleadings: Included

Step 6: Trial Judgment: Included

Case initiation only package $99 – Includes only:

  • Summons;
  • Petition;
  • Venue Declaration:
  • UCCJEA Declaration;


100% Court Approved Documents!

We are an online service that provides people help with their divorce who cannot afford a lawyer.

After realizing there were not any good options out there for people who either could not afford a lawyer, did not want to use a lawyer, or were just in the 80% of people trying to do this on their own, Divorce Simplified was born!

Starting at $99!

We guarantee that the documents we provide are court approved.

Our documents are authorized by every court in California, every county, and even the California Supreme Court!

Check out what clients say


I have been waiting to get divorced because I didn’t want to pay a lawyer to do it. Divorce Simplified allowed me to finally get divorced without going broke!

Frances W.


I was tired of paying my lawyer and nothing getting done. This service allowed me to save money and time and get my divorce done! Highly recommended.

Roy S.


Divorce Simplified was easy to use and made my divorce process fast. I was in control the entire time and new exactly where I was in the process and what was going on.

Rebecca H.