Who We Are

Divorce Simplified

We are an online service that provides people who cannot afford a lawyer (more than 400,000 each year in California), help with their divorce. After realizing there were not any good options out there for people who either could not afford a lawyer, did not want to use a lawyer, or were just in the 80% of people trying to do this on their own, Divorce Simplified was born.

With over 400,000 people each year trying to navigate divorce paperwork on their own, we came up with a unique service solution, helping those people go from the beginning to the end of their divorce. Our service provides people just like you, an easy way to get all of the paperwork done correctly and efficiently the first time, providing you with paperwork that you can then submit to the court to get yourself divorced, all without spending thousands of dollars on a lawyer. We also save you the hassle, stress, and time trying to navigate your way through the extensive divorce paperwork.

We are different, unlike the other sites that promise you divorce paperwork, but then turn out to be some sort of a scam. We get all of that paperwork done in house, correctly and efficiently. We guarantee and stand behind all of our work, and your satisfaction. All you have to do is pick your plan, make your payment, and we will have your divorce paperwork to you immediately.